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Wizard of Oz the Panto - Cast Announced

4 August 2019

Well done to everyone who attended auditions. Please see the final cast list below.

Please be aware that there will be a photo shoot and advert recording on 1st September 2019. More details to follow.

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The Cast

Lily Cooke - DOROTHY: A young lady from Kansas. Pretty with a strong character. Very polite and friendly to all. Starts out wearing a blue and white gingham dress.

Daniel Shilling - AUNT EM: Aunt to Dorothy. A typical pantomime dame. Normally played by a man. Perhaps dressed in over the top American ‘country’ style to start with and gradually gets more flamboyant throughout the panto.

Leonie Reay - SCARECROW: Looking like a straw-stuffed farmer’s scarecrow. Walks in a floppy way.

Amy Whitehead - TIN MAN: Made entirely of tin, with joints. Walks stiffly.

Adam McKeith - COWARDLY LION: Frightened of everything. Constantly jumping at sounds or new things. Always looks worried.

Rebecca Mooney - MUNCHKIN-CONG: The leader of the Munchkins.

Grace Knowles - THE WITCH OF THE NORTH: A good witch. Pretty but mature. Dressed in more of a ‘Fairy’ style. She carries a long pole style wand, perhaps with an ‘N’ emblem on top (as the original book illustration.)

Maddie Berry - THE WITCH OF THE SOUTH: Also known as “Glinda”. A good witch. A young witch. Dressed with a ‘Fairy’ look. Carrying a long pole style wand.

Emily Wright - THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: Nasty and hard. More like a traditional witch with a broomstick and pointy hat. Her broomstick is modern and digital so might have an LED readout display.

Lucy Robson - UGG: Part of the comedy duo. Needs comedy timing and a good rapport with the kids in the audience. Dressed brightly in a ‘Munchkin’ way.

Lucy Martin - LEE: The second part of the comedy duo. Friends with Ugg. Dressed brightly in a ‘Munchkin’ way.

Beth Brennan - THE WIZARD OF OZ: A small man dressed in circus/ringmaster styled clothing but mainly in green.

Thomas Fairweather - PRINCE SMARMY: A typical Pantomime Prince with all the usual trimmings. Speaks in a suave “Leslie Phillips” style. Could be played as a “Girl in tights” or a boy (without the tights).

Adele Fraser - PRINCESS PORLAIN: From the “China land” in Oz. She is a porcelain ornament dressed in standard Princess clothes with a very pale complexion. Looks delicate and breakable.

Keira Brown - GUARDIAN OF THE GATE: A pompous and self important person, dressed in green. Might be adorned with the seal of the city or some similar important medal or sash.

All cast as needed - THE MUNCHKINS/ ENSEMBLE: A group of odd looking people, dressed in mainly blue, who always seem to be happy. Normally played by the ensemble.