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Wizard of Oz Summer School 2019 - Cast Announced

21 July 2019


Dorothy- Molly Featherstone

Aunt Em- Eleanor Fraser

Uncle Henry- Reece Smith

Hickory (Tin Man)- Harvey Johnson

Zeke (Lion)- Mia Traill

Hunk (Scarecrow)- Mollie Clements

Miss Gulch- Katlyn Whittle

Professor Marvel- Callum Ford

Toto (Dog)- Ani

Glinda- Marcella Lamb

Munchkin #1 James CockBurn

Munchkin #2 Orren

Munchkin #3 Harry Turner

Mayor- April Lister

Barrister- Imogen Head

Coroner- Harry Turner

Three Tots- Paige Foster, Jasmin Slater, Isabella Arnold

Three tough kids- James Cockburn, Harry Turner, Orren

Wicked Witch- Libby Townsley

Apple Tree #1- Jasmine Slater

Apple Tree #2 Isabella Arnold

Apple Tree #3 Paige Foster

Doorman- Callum Ford

Oz Woman- Katlyn Whittle

Guard- Orren

Oz’s Voice, Wizard- Leo Foster

Nikko, leader of the winged monkeys- Eleanor Fraser

Leader of winkies- James Cockburn

The Merry Old land of oz solo 1 - April Lister

The Merry Old land of oz Solo 2- Imogen Head

**All **

Winkie Guards

Emerald City Chorus


Oz People