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Seussical Cast Announced

2 January 2020
Seussical Cast Announced

We are thrilled to announce the cast list for our Summer production of Seussical the Musical.

Tickets for this production will be on sale at the start of February.

The Cast

Adam McKeithThe Cat in the Hat 
Daniel ShillingHorton the Elephant 
Lily CookeGertrude McFuzz 
Emily WrightMayzie LaBird 
James CordialJoJo 
Leonie ReaySour Kangaroo 
Maddy BerryYoung Kangaroo 
Leo FosterThe Mayor of Whoville 
Amy WhiteheadMrs Mayor 
Thomas FairweatherGeneral Genghis Kahn Schmitz 
Grace KnowlesThe Grinch 
Adele FraserVlad Vladikoff 
Aliyah ThompsonJudge Yertle the Turtle 
Eleanor FraserThe Wickersham Brothers 
Jacob FairwetherThe Wickersham Brothers 
Ashton AvalosThe Wickersham Brothers 
Callum FordThe Wickersham Brothers 
Beth BrennanThe Bird Girls 
Lucy RobsonThe Bird Girls 
Lucy MartinThe Bird Girls 
Marcella LambThe Bird Girls 
Keira BrownThing 1 
Rebecca MooneyThing 2 

The Ensemble

Jungle Creatures, Citizens of the Jungle of Nool, The Whos, Fish, Cadets, Hunters, Animals and Performers

Adele Fraser
Aliyah Thompson
Amy Whitehead
Ashton Avalos
Beth Brennan
Callum Ford
Eleanor Fraser
Grace Knowles
Jacob Fairwether
Keira Brown
Leo Foster
Leonie Reay
Lucy Martin
Lucy Robson
Maddy Berry
Marcella Lamb
Rebecca Mooney
Thomas Fairweather